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Baby Reflux

What to do to a Reflux Baby

Sometimes a baby will not sleep if they are suffering from reflux. Experienced moms have learned to use a reflux baby swing while others go ahead to acquire bottles that are designed to reflux babies.

These two ways are the most popular in addressing reflux, but there are other ways you would try. To new moms, reflux is condition when the stomach acid and swallowed food contents gets their way back into the esophagus.

It usually occurs because the valve that is supposed to block the stomach contents is not developed in babies. And that’s why they typically spit up after feeding. The baby is supposed to be okay once the valve has grown.

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Babies suffering from reflux:

  • Screams and refuse to eat after taking a few amounts of food
  • Have difficulty in falling asleep or frequently wakes up at night
  • Loses weight as a result of feeding difficulties or frequent vomiting

Reflux babies are known to scream and cry. They tend to be fussy with inconsolable beh avior that can be endless or last for varying periods because of irritation and pain.

How to Manage Reflux in Babies


It is advisable you seek expert advice since the symptoms may be a sign of different illness. The following are practical steps you need to take to combat reflux and calm the fussy baby.


1. Keep your baby upright

Pediatricians affirm that putting the baby perpendicularly for 30 minutes after feeding allows the food contents to settle and prevent them from going back into the esophagus.

As a mom, this can be exhausting because it means wrapping and carrying the baby for the thirty minutes. Here are a few options to use when you’re tired:

Baby swings and bouncers: there are those swings and bouncers that are specifically designed for infant reflux. They elevate the baby in an upright angle reducing the possibility of a flat position.

The swings prevent the stomach acid from going up the esophagus. These swings are also made with varying speeds to keep your baby distracted from the pain.

Baby wraps: Moby wraps and Bjorn baby carriers are also good options to keep your body in an upright position. Unlike the baby swings, baby wraps mean you’ll still have to wrap the baby with your hands but you can still transfer them to a baby swing if you get exhausted.

Exersaucers: these are best for older babies. They also keep the baby in an upright position for a few minutes bringing relief to the tired hands.

Soothing options: a baby pacifier is a powerful tool in soothing the babies. Once it gets to the baby’s mouth, it stimulates the production of saliva that neutralizes the stomach acid on esophagus. Another soothing option you would try to distract your baby is a loud white noise.

2. Reduce dairy products consumption

In many instances, baby reflux is caused by the protein in milk. Scientific studies confirm that about 50% of babies suffer from reflux as a result of dairy intolerance. If you are nursing, you may decide to try a formula that is free from milk protein.

You can do this for two weeks to see if the milk protein was the cause of reflux. Reflux symptoms will drastically improve if your angel was allergic to milk proteins.

These are the few things you would try to calm and bring relief to your little angel. However, always visit a doctor if the condition is severe, it could be your baby is suffering from a different illness altogether,

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